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Scheduled NBA Games – March 20, 2018

As the NBA regular season continues, most of the teams are trying to win their remaining games for the elimination round before the deciding matches of the upcoming playoff series. Some of the teams believed that they might not be reaching the playoffs anymore and so they are just trying to improve their team standings and prepare themselves in the next season.

To know more about the scheduled NBA games for today (March 20 – Philippine Time), you can check the match ups below:

Milwaukee Bucks vs Cleveland Cavaliers 8:00 AM
L. A. Lakers vs Indiana Pacers 8:00 AM
Charlotte Hornets vs Philadelphia 76ers 8:00 AM
Memphis Grizzlies vs Brooklyn Nets 8:00 AM
Denver Nuggets vs Miami Heat 8:00 AM
Chicago Bulls vs New York Knicks 8:00 AM
Golden State Warriors vs San Antonio Spurs 9:30 AM
Detroit Pistons vs Sacramento Kings 10:00 AM

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