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Kristaps Porzingris Obtained ACL Injury, Possibly Out for 10 months

The New York Knicks are again struggling in the current NBA season because they star forward Kristaps Porzingris obtained a left knee ACL injury last Tuesday, while playing against the Milwaukee Bucks.

According to the latest reported news, Porzingris might be out for the rest of the season because he will need to undergo surgery for an ACL treatment and must complete a lengthy rehabilitation program before he can play again.

The young star forward experienced an awkward landing, despite converting a dunk. The sad thing about his obtained injury is that even after completing his surgery and rehabilitation; he is already out for nearly 10 months.

Meaning, the fans of the Knicks might see him play next in 2019 already.


The managements and teammates had showed great support to him, despite losing him in the middle of the tournament.

“He was down when he first got the news, but then he instantly switched to, ‘I’ve got to take on this new journey. I’m ready for it,'” said Courtney Lee after he talked to Porzingis in late night Tuesday as quoted by espn.com online.

As for Scott Perry who is the current general manager of the Knicks, he also expressed his thought about the injured young star forward.

“Very tough news to swallow. A tough day for the organization. Tough day for the young man,” said Perry on Wednesday. “You think of the young person first.”

Adding that, “it’s not going to deter us from what we’re trying to accomplish when we got here. Our job is to get this team in better position for when he returns to the court so he returns to a group more cohesive, stronger and hopefully a little more talented.”

The unavailability of Porzingris will have a big impact on the way the team is playing. The Knicks are actually eyeing to reach the last playoff spot, but the unexpected injury of Kristaps would really hurt them achieve their goal.


Credit image: MARY ALTAFFER/AP

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