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Stipe Miocic vs. Francis Ngannou


Stipe Miocic Winner
Francis Ngannou

In a stunning display of performance inside the octagon last Saturday at the TD Garden Arena in Boston, Stipe Miocic defeated Francis Ngannou for the UFC 220 to conquer the heavyweight championship again.

Miocic is a native of Ohio and devastated his Cameroonian-French opponent to convince the judges that he deserve to win the belt in front of the huge crowd.

According from the information shared through espn.com, all of the 3 judges scored in favor of the American mixed martial arts champion (50-45). Miocic successfully landed his hard punched to make sure that Ngannou will not control the fight.

They also recognize Francis as “The Predator” who failed to level the intensity of the American champion and this is the reason why the judges did not gave him the victory.

Despite the damaged of the left eye of the 35-year-old Miocic due the releasing powerful combinations in the first round, the 31-year-old native of Cameroon allowed his opponent to regain his composure and steal the championship belt last Saturday.

In the final round, both fighters look tired already and so the skills of the Ohio-native MMA champion in grappling somehow provided him the advantage. Based on the recorded data of Fightmetric, Miocic attempted 14 takedowns and completed at least 6, which slowed down the aggressiveness of Ngannou in the third round.

After the interview, “The Predator” admitted that he underestimated Stipe and said he is a smart fighter. With his recent loss, he has now a record of 11-2 (7 win via knockout).

As for reigning UFC heavyweight champion, he now has a record of 18-2 (13 wins via knockout). His victory last Saturday gave him a 6-straight win inside the octagon.


Credit image: Getty Images


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