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Houston Astros vs. Los Angeles Dodgers


Houston Astros 5
Los Angeles Dodgers 1

After almost 56 years of waiting in the Major League Baseball (MLB), the Houston Astros finally won their first-ever World Series title after beating the Los Angeles Dodgers on Wednesday with the final score of 5-1.

The Astros closed the series 4-3 and won the championship, despite playing with a home-court disadvantage at the Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, California.

The victory of the Houston Astros on Wednesday night is history for the entire franchise and they needed to display their best performances until the scheduled game 7 before assuring their first championship in the World Series.

To show their love to the victims of Hurricane Harvey that strongly devastated their city in Houston, the Astros dedicated their game to the people and wore jerseys with a logo that says “H Strong.”

Before they recognized them as the Astros, history revealed they are the former Colt .45s that joined the world of baseball back in 1962.

With their first-ever franchised title, the Houston Astros are now real champions.

As detailed from the report of nytimes.com, this particular World Series clearly reveals the importance of relief pitching as well as making home runs, especially in a Game-7 matchup. As expected, George Springer made his presence felt inside the field with his 4th consecutive home run in their 4th meetings this Series. Springer offense became effective for the team and he got better support with his teammates to seal their victory.

“We’re coming home a champion, Houston,” said Springer after he accepted his trophy when they named him as the World Series Most Valuable Player (MVP) this year for Willie Mays, as quoted by the news online.

Springer is one of the star players and center fielder of the Houston Astros.

As for Jeff Luhnow, he is very happy for the team and said that he knew the Astros had a plan, which brought them to the World Series and conquered the title.

Luhnow is the general manager of the team who needed to overcome his critics.


Credit image: The New York Times


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