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Derek Brunson vs. Lyoto Machida


Derek Brunson Winner – KO
Lyoto Machida

In perhaps one of the most surprising victories in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) matches, Derek “The Law” Brunson defeated Lyoto “The Dragon” Machida within just the first round of their matchup on Saturday.

Brunson knocked Machida with hard punches and left him down on the canvas.

The fight between these two great fighters is actually a comeback match for the 39-year-old Brazilian Lyoto Machida who had been out of the UFC bouts for almost three years already.

Both Brunson and Machida fought for the Middleweight bout at the recent UFC Fight Nigh held in Sao Paulo, Brazil last Saturday. Lyoto is fighting back after taking a break since 2015 due to suspension and he just did not contain the strength of Brunson. The 33- year-old American UFC middleweight fighter threw powerful punches against “The Dragon” and knocked him down successfully in the opening round.

During his post fight interview, Brunson said that, “I got up for this fight.” He added that as quoted by ESPN, “Lyoto is never going to lose his skills. He might lose his timing, speed, cardio, but he’ll never lose his skills. To come out and get a win over a guy like that, I feel incredible right now.”

“Luke Rockhold, what’s up baby? Where you at? Let’s run this,” he continued.

With his victory, the American UFC fighter now improved his record to 18-5, while Machida is now 22-9. As detailed by Fightmetric, the Brazilian fighter only managed to threw nine strikes and he failed to land a good punch.

Lyoto suffered his 3rd consecutive lost in his career for the first time.

As for Brunson, he fought against Anderson Silva last February and lost in a controversial decision. People who witnessed their fight believed that “The Law” should have won the bout that time.


Image credit: Odds Shark


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