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Trinidad and Tobago vs. United States


Trinidad and Tobago 2
United States 1

In one of the most shocking turn of event for the United States national soccer team, they suffered a major defeat against the Trinidad and Tobago on Tuesday with the final score of 2-1.

Unfortunately, the loss of the Americans did not only give them a negative record because they are out of the 2018 World Cup series in Russia. The US soccer team will not be playing for the prestigious World Cup next year after almost three decades of being competitive.

The Trinidad and Tobago soccer team prevented the Americans from qualifying for the 2018 World Cup and likewise ended the 7-straight appearance of the US Soccer team in the history of their participation.

Since they qualified in 1986, this is only the first time that they were eliminated.

The Trinidad and Tobago are ranked 99th in the world, while the Americans are on the 28th spot. However, the victory of the Trinidad team pushed the US team into the 5th spot of the overall team standing, from their previous 3rd spot before their match on Tuesday.

Likewise, the victory of Honduras and Panama somehow affected the standing of the Americans heading into to the final round of the matches of the 6-team regional soccer tournament.

For the head coach of the US Bruce Arena when interviewed by The Washington Post, he admitted that it was a blemish for the team and should not stay at home for the World Cup qualifier.

Arena likewise stated that there are no excuses for the team of not scoring a single point and getting a goal against the Trinidad, as detailed through foxnews.com.

While the Trinidad and Tobago are rejoining for their victory, the players of the US team felt the devastating loss as their sat on the bench. This is actually a huge blow for the entire United States Soccer Federation (USSF) because they are continuously improving their programs and has planned to become the co-host of the soccer tournament in 2026.

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