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Paris Saint-Germain vs. Bayern Munich


Paris Saint-Germain 3
Bayern Munich 0

With the impressive performance showed by Neymar, he was able to carry his team Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) against their rival Bayern Munich and defeated them with the final score of 3-0 at the ongoing Champions League in Paris, France.

Neymar led the PSG to their victory on Wednesday to improve their records in the Group B of the ongoing football tournament. He got better support from his other teammates, particularly with Dani Alves who are both nationals of Brazil.

Alves and Neymar played a better teamwork inside the field and scored.

The football team from Munich has all the opportunities to steal the victory from the PSG, but failed short in the attacks and Edinson Cavani took advantage of the situation to lift the PSG closer to winning the matchup.

Another important factor for the French football team is Spaniard Unai Emery who is the current head coach of the PSG.

“The main thing is the three points, but it’s also important for me that the fans enjoy the match and seeing us win against a top-level side,” Emery stated as quoted by the news report.

Currently, the Paris Saint-Germain are leading the Group B in the team standing.

Neymar da Silva Santos Jr. in real life is a native of Brazil, yet chose to play for the PSG after signing a huge contract with them amounting to 222 million euro last month. According to the information shared about this contract, he is now the most expensive player in the world.



Credit image: Sky Sports





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