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Jeff Horn vs. Manny Pacquiao


Jeff Horn Winner via Unanimous Decision
Manny Pacquaio

In a very controversial ending between the fight of Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao and Australian boxer Jeff Horn, many boxing fans and analysts felt shocked with the decisions of the judges. All three judges scored in favor of Horn and this made him the new World Boxing Organization Welterweight champion of the world.

Horn is from Brisbane in Australia and this is also the venue of the fight.

From the scorecards of the judges, one of them scored 117-111 and two of them scored 115-113 all in favor of Horn. With this kind of result, many did not hide their disappointment against the judges because they believe that Pacquiao has an edge to win or draw the fight. Even some boxing experts, famous celebrities and ordinary folks revealed their opinions about the fight.

The “Battle of Brisbane” is the first time boxing event in Australia and held inside the Suncorp Stadium, which accommodated more than 51,000 spectators on Sunday.

Despite the loss, the Filipino boxing champion accepted his defeat and respected the controversial decision of the judges. Manny obtained some wound in the head due to the head-butts made by Horn. The 29-year-old Australian fighter somehow played dirty tactics inside the right, which most fans did not appreciate.


Credit image: Daily Telegraph

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