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Kevin Lee vs. Michael Chiesa


Kevin Lee Winner
Michael Chiesa

The fight between Michael Chiesa versus Kevin Lee last Sunday evening had some controversies. Lee won the matchup via “submission” at the UFC Fight Night main event held in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Unfortunately, the controversies include the stoppage of the Mario Yamasaki in the 1st round who thought that Chiesa is making a tap out already. It is unclear if the fighter really want to stop the fight or not and this brought some unwanted reactions after the matchup.

Yamasaki is the referee for the main event of the night.

With his victory, Lee or known as “The Motown Phenom” now improved his MMA professional record to 16-2 and seeing a brighter direction to get a better spot in the best divisions of the UFC. He now 5 straight fights and continues to climb up.

During the interview after the fight, he said that he just followed what the referee told him and that is to stop if he was told to stop. Lee added that he is willing to have a rematch against Chiesa if he wants too.

Michael Chiesa is now 14-3 in his MMA record.


Credit image: MMA News


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