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Manchester United vs. Ajax


Manchester United 2
Ajax 0

The Manchester United successfully defeated the Ajax in the prestigious Europa League championship. They defeated them with the final score of 2-0 at the Friends Arena in Stockholm.

Despite the sad news of the recent bombing incident during the concert of Ariana Grande in Manchester Arena, the fans and the players made an effort to feel the victory of the team.

From the latest sports news online, the Manchester United defeated the Ajax on Monday at the Europa League championship. With their win, the team won their 2nd major football championship trophy for achieving victory at the recent football league in the European region and sealing the Champions League.

Paul Pogba and Henrikh Mkhitaryan both scored one goal apiece and controlled the matchup until the final period to win the title.

As for Ander Herrera, he said that the team is dedicating their victory to victims of the recent bombing due to terrorist attack, as detailed by the news. He added the incident a couple of days is terrifying and it is important to have peace in the world with respect.

Before the final matchup, the officials of the league made a decision to postpone the game, but later on changed their decision to continue the matchup on the scheduled date.


Credit image: dnaindia.com

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