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Milan Melindo vs. Akira Yaegashi


Milan Melindo Winner KO
Akira Yaegashi

Filipino boxer Milan Melindo has finally won a world title after beating Akira Yaegashi on Sunday and took home the IBF Junior Flyweight Championship belt. They held the fight at the Ariake Colosseum in Tokyo, Japan.

The referee stopped the fight in the first round win 2:45 minutes left.

Milan Melindo won the IBF Junior Flyweight title on Sunday after defeating Japanese Akira Yaegashi in the first round. The 29-year-old fighter who is a native of Cagayan de Oro did not give his opponent the chance to survive after knocking him down thrice in the opening round alone.

With this win, he improved his record to 36-win and 2-loss, with 13 knockouts in his career as a professional boxer.

When interviewed by Rappler, Melindo revealed that his effort to train harder and intense helped him win the fight on Sunday. He added that he also managed to complete at least 22 sparring rounds (consecutive) in one day to increase his endurance inside the boxing ring.

The Filipino boxer had been dreaming of a world title for the past few years, but he suffered defeats from his past opponents that denied him to win a championship. Juan Franciso Estrada defeated him in 2013 and loss against Javier Mendoza in 2015.

On the other hand, Melindo’s patience and courage made him victorious.

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