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Scotland vs. Slovenia


Scotland 1
Slovenia 0

The Scotland football team saw a clear direction heading to the World Cup after beating Slovenia 1-0 in the late period. Chris Martin came out big and scored the winning point of the Scottish players. They managed to sustain their good defense until the final buzzer of their matchup.

The Scotland played a great teamwork inside the field and had chances to score early.

It was a very important game for them to assure themselves the 4th spot in the Group F of the ongoing tournament. As for Scotland head coach Gordon Strachan, this is huge win for the team because they will lose their chance to reach the World Cup if they failed to win.

They are still 2-point behind the Slovakian team and must win their next game.

Both teams played physical game inside the field and the Scottish were able to overcome the frazzled Slovenians. When the head coach of the Scotland decided to put in Martin, some of the fans inside the venue booed him as a sign of hating him.

Fortunately, Chris managed to score the most important point for the team and defeated their opponent.


Credit images: Sky Sports

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