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Terence Crawford vs. Hank Lundy Final Score


Terence Crawford Winner by Knockout (KO)
Hank Lundy

terence crawfordTerence Crawford successfully defended his Junior Welterweight Title by defeating Hank Lundy on Saturday at the Madison Square Garden in New York. Terence did prove his opponent that he is a real champion and not just a trash talker.

WBO Junior Welterweight champion Terence Crawford defeated Hank Lundy to regain his title on Saturday. Boxing fans who watched the main event at the Madison Square Garden surely enjoyed his remarkable performance by beating Lundy and stopping the fight in the 5th round of their scheduled 12 round title bout via knockout.

Crawford revealed his contentment with his performance and enjoyed his success to keep the championship belt in the 140 pounds category.

For many boxing experts, the landed punches and jabs of the defending champion made his opponent felt the pressure and fatigue. This is the reason why he did not have trouble in controlling the fight against Lundy since the start of the 1st round.

Terence had 89 landed punches out of 247, while Hank only land 47 punches out of 211.

crawford vd lundy

Below are the current records of both fighters:

Boxers Wins Losses Draws
Terence Crawford 28 (20 via KOs) 0 0
Hank Lundy 26 (13 via KOs) 6 1


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