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China vs. USA Women National Soccer Team Final Score


China 1

wang shuangThe United States women soccer national team played their last game with superstar US striker Abby Wambach on Thursday against China at the Superdome of New Orleans. The fans are cheering for the US women team and wanted to see Abby make her last goal before she retire. Unfortunately, the China ended the 10 years winning streak of the Americans via 1-0 victory.

Despite the lost, the thousands of fans who went to the Superdome did abbynot feel disappointed because they want to see Wambach play her last game with her national team. Her teammates made an effort to set her up for a goal but Abby failed to score. As for the Chinese women national team, it was Wang Shuang who scored their only goal at the 58-minute marker of the game.

The 35-year-old Wambach revealed that her decision to retire is final and her dominance in soccer is over.

Below are the score boxes of the teams:

China Women National Soccer Team

Players Goals
Wang Shuang 1
Wang Fei 0
Li Donga 0
Shang Yue 0
Wu Haiyan 0
Wang Shimeng 0
Pang Fengyue 0
Liu Shanshan 0
Li Jiayue 0
Han Peng 0
Zhao Rong 0
Ren Guixin 0
Wnag Lisi 0
Lou Jiahui 0
Tan Ruyin 0
Gao Qi 0
Gu Yasha 0
Tang Jiali 0
Yang li 0
Lei Jiahui 0
Wang Shanshan 0
Liu Jun 0
Li Ying 0
Ma Jun 0
Zhang Rui 0
Xu Yanlu 0
Zhao Lina 0

usa vs china

US Women National Soccer Team

Players Goals
Abby Wambach 0
Danielle Colaprico 0
Morgan Brian 0
Whitney Engen 0
Crystal Dunn 0
Tobin Heath 0
Ashlyn Harris 0
Lindsey Horan 0
Jaelene Hinkle 0
Julie Johnston 0
Ali Krieger 0
Meghan Klingenberg 0
Syndey Leroux 0
Rose Lavelle 0
Stephanie McCaffrey 0
Carli Llyod 0
Samantha Mewis 0
Alex Morgan 0
Kelley O’Hara 0
Alyssa Naeher 0
Christen Press 0
Heather O’Reilly 0
Amy Rodriguez 0
Christie Rampone 0
Becky Sauerbrunn 0
Hope Solo 0
Emily Sonnett 0


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