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Serbia vs. Russia Final Scores


Serbia 1
Russia 2

eder limaThe matchup between Serbia and Russia became decisive until the final stretch of the game for the FIFA FUTSAL World Cup matches. When they press the final buzzer, the Russian team won the match by only a point 1-2. The Russian team showed brilliant performance to control the entire game because they were able to make 46 goal attempts and blocked their opponent 20 times.

The first goal of the game came from Eder Lima of Russia within the 21-minute marker of the match. The Serbian were able to tie the score 1-1 after Davydov scored his own goal within the 26-minute marker. Unfortunately, the football team of Russia still managed to score in the 31-minute marker of the game when Lyskov made a goal. This was the final goal of the matchup and the Russian beat the Serbian for the main round in the group 3.

Here are the final score boxes of the players:


Players Goal Own Goal
Eder Lima 1  
Dmitri Lyskov 1  
Danil Davydov   1
Gustavo (Goal Keeper)    
Ivan Poddubny (Goal Keeper)    
Nikolai Pereverzev    
Nikolai Shisterov    
Rulsan Kudziev    
Andrei Afanasyev    
Renat Shakirov    
Ivan Milovanov    
Danil Kutuzov    



Players Goal Own Goal
Miodrag Aksentijevic (Goal Keeper)    
Nemanja Mmcilovic (Goal Keeper)    
Aleksandar Zivanovic    
Stefan Rakic    
Mladen Kocic    
Slobodan Rajcevic    
Marko Radovanovic    
Marko Peric    
Slobodan Janjic    
Dusan Milojevic    
Milos Simic    
Darko Ristic    
Milos Stojkovic    
Vladimir Lazic    


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