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Fernando Gonzalez vs. Tim Henman Final Scores


Fernando Gonzalez 1 7 10
Tim Henman 6 6 6

fernando gonzalezFernando Gonzalez defeated Tim Henman to defend his successful Champions Tennis crown on Sunday. He needed to overcome the tough performance of his opponent before conquering the title at the Royal Albert Hall in London, England. Right before closing the game in the third set, Tim managed to win the first set with 1-6 score and this made the competition more exciting to the crowd because the Chilean tennis player controlled the game better.

On this, former British #1 tennis player Gonzalez stated that it was his timlucky day because Henman really made him uncomfortable playing inside the court. Before defeating his opponent from Chile, Fernando needed to surpass a close match on the second set before breaking away to close the third set 10-6. Tim is actually ahead on the scoreboard, but failed to control the game and this gave way to the champion to finish their matchup.

Both players appreciated the warm acceptance of the people in London.

Here are the final scores:

Players Set 1 Set 2 Set 3
Fernando Gonzalez 1 7 10
Tim Henman 6 6 6


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